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  1. Did you think about attaching an PDF syllabus to your podcast?I am not a South African nor I can understand Afrikaans or Xhosa; so it would be nice if we could see right spelling of geographical and proper names.Maybe transcript of the entire episode.Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. I am leaving in a month for South Africa from my home country, USA, for a two year masters program at UCT in economic development. I am being funded by a Rotary International grant and your podcast is so helpful!!!! I have read Nelson Mandela’s auto-bio and you hit all the important points and add more little, fun pieces of knowledge. Great job! Keep it going!

  3. I live in New Orleans, but I grew up in Mississippi. I joined the US Army in 1987 at 18 years of age. I remember a woman in my basic training platoon whose last name was Camacho. She was from South Africa. I had never heard of this country. As an adult, it is embarrassing to admit how ignorant I was about South Africa and Nelson Mandela. Mississippi is not know for its racial equality so it isn’t surprising that they would not teach us about South Africa’s trouble. Thank you for this podcast. It is a great history lesson.

    • Hi there Janet! Thanks so much for the feedback. Its really amazing to find out who listens to the podcast. I don’t think you need to be embarrassed, if anything it is the education system that failed, not you! We never learned about the ins and outs of American history in South Africa. I guess they can only fit so much into 12 years! Its so sad that Nelson Mandela died and the controversy surrounding his last few months didn’t help the family’s image much. Its very touching to see how many people felt a personal connection with him even though they never met him! PS. I’m struggling my but off to upload my latest podcast. Its all done just waiting to go live but there is a little gremlin in the system somewhere so I’m trying to sort that out. Watch this space though and thanks again for listening!

  4. I just found your podcast today. I haven’t listened to it all yet, but was surprised that it ended after 9 episodes. Any plans to revive it and teach additional South African history?

    My wife is from South Africa and always says that they don’t teach much South African history in South Africa. She says that it’s even difficult to find books on South Africa, even in the biggest library in Cape Town (forgive me, but I don’t remember its name). If that’s true, that’s a shame.

    Anyway, I wish you well, and thanks for the podcast.

  5. You should really keep posting Podcasts!
    I’m really interested in African History, even if I’ve never been there, since supposed “World” history classes only teaches European and North American history, sometimes mentioning China. Africa did have major civilizations, unlike common belief says. This podcast will help the internet become a better and more intelligent place! Don’t give up!

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