Hi everyone!

So putting a podcast together isn’t an easy thing. You need help, lots of it. I’ve occasionally knocked on the doors of a few people and they have helped me tremendously. I’ll be forever grateful for their help and thought I would thank them in this way.

No.1: Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat is an online entrepreneur who started off with NOTHING and now earns a decent living by just sharing his knowledge with others. He is a great guy and his videos on setting up a podcast helped me set up mine!

No. 2: Jamie Jeffers from The British History Podcast 

Jamie releases a weekly podcast that’s informative and very well researched. If this podcast can be just a little like his I’ll be very chuffed! He was very generous with his advice and I’ll always be gratefull for that.

Last but not least my wife, Riana, for putting up with me when I just want to talk about the podcast and history. She reviews every sentence and she’s my biggest fan!

One thought on “CREDITS

  1. Hi there! Sorry for the belated reply. I’m working on the next episode now. I do this podcast in my spare time and that has been scarce lately. Watch this space. A new one will be coming soon. Thanks for listening :-)

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