SAH 002 : An Overview

In this episode I will discuss an overview of the history of South Africa. South Africa has such a rich history and it all began over 3 million years ago. The Khoikhoi and San started hearing sheep and cattle and depended on the land for their fresh produce like fruit and veg. Bantu speaking tribes started arriving in South Africa. They were farmers and established communities in the far northern corner of South Africa.

Later the Portuguese founded the Cape of Good Hope and this led to a massive European interest in Cape Town in the 15th century. A Dutch colony was established and Cape Town started to develop. As the land got scarce the farmers moved further into the interior. Britain gained control of the Colony and enforced some strict laws. The local Europeans disagreed with this so they packed up and left. They trekked to the north where they would eventually find diamonds and gold. A war kicked off between the British and the northern republics in 1899 which was the start of the formation of South Africa as a united country. Many disputes between native Blacks and Whites broke out and the Apartheid laws were adopted. Nelson Mandela was jailed and freed after 27years in prison and became the country’s first black president.

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For now, my the wors be with you and the may the biltong keep you safe!

PS: If you want to read a bit more about the overall history of South Africa go check out these books!


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